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Creating a Noble Legacy through Business

A "Noble Legacy" offers positive impact in society
and addresses social issues while actively pursuing financial sustainability.
We believe only such business model can make long lasting change, that can be passed on to future generations.

Addressing social issues through business

Our story

"Urban Mine" recycling in Japan and SDGs business in Cambodia are some examples of our business operations.
At ReNet Japan Group, we challenge to develop high impact business models that address social issues while making sustainable financial returns.
ReNet Japan Group is committed to making innovations for a better world, bringing positive change that circulate in society.

Creating a Noble Legacy
through business

Our corporate philosophy, "Creating a Noble Legacy through business" was released on our 10th anniversary in 2010.

This philosophy was born out of my experience and hardships in starting our company from scratch and into the sustainable business we have today. In addition, it was the time the society went through an IT bubble burst with compliance issues of IT startup millionaires, such as the Livedoor incident in Japan. These events made me think again on what success means to me.

As the founder of the company with all the management responsibilities in hand, I asked myself these fundamental questions: What is our definition of work? What do we work for? What does this company aim to achieve?

Needless to say, assuring the company's growth and financial returns are at the core of the company’s focus. Our aim is to grow the business and meet the expectations of our stakeholders including our employees and shareholders.
However, I believe that increasing profits and uplifting stock prices are not our only goal.

It is also important to understand how the company contributes to the advancement of society and to drive our businesses towards creating both financial and social values.

It is the kind of work that I will be proud of when I look back at my life's achievements. It is the kind of business that remains in society and continuously delivers on its achievements and contributions.

This kind of work and business which aims to achieve both "Social Impact" and "Financial Sustainability" is something that I define as a "Noble Legacy", and which I expect all management and employees of our company to endeavor towards every day.

While many companies define corporate social responsibility or philanthropy separate from their core businesses, we focus on integrating the element of social impact into this core. Our business model, therefore, increases its impact to society as we grow our businesses. We aim to translate this sustainable and positive cycle into a reality.

We strive to take our entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in addressing social issues, which were traditionally taken care of by governments, international aid organizations and NGOs/NPOs, whilst also achieving high growth and profitability.

This is not based on idealistic thinking or an aggressive vision. We ensure sound and consistent achievements towards our vision by mobilizing strong operational capacities, business skills and expertise, as well as professional mind-set and determination.

Takeshi Kuroda